Home: The Family

Obviously I am into animals, and my home is nothing short of a zoo. I've been trying to focus more on dogs for awhile now, and am down to just my dogs, any rescues that I have at the time, and my three cats. Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger version.

The Dogs...

Tasha and Luka are my purebred Siberian Huskies. They are an inseparable pair and a lot of fun to be around. Tasha was born on January 11, 1999, is a black and white with blue eyes, and is the dog responsible for me getting into Siberian Husky Rescue. She is a real sweetheart, and loves to play with Keiko, one of my cats. Luka was born on December 25, 2000 and is a red and white with one blue eye and one brown and blue. He is a little more aloof than Tasha, but loves grapes and just about every dog I bring in. He can be a brat, as most Sibes are at this age, but I love him anyway.

Max was adopted from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd mix, and is my guard dog. He loves absolutely everyone, unless you don't belong, and was born in April, 1999. He actually spent about 15 months of his life at Best Friends, which is amazing considering what a wonderful dog he is. Even more amazing is that he still remembered being house trained when I got him. He and Luka are buddies, and he also does really well with the cats.

The Wolf...

Amaroq was one of the wolf dogs I rescued and fostered when I had my own wolf dog rescue, but became a member of the Leetham pack when I closed the rescue down. He lives in a very secure enclosure built just for him. He is a medium content wolf/malamute cross and is very friendly with people and dogs. Both of us thoroughly enjoy our daily play sessions - he does his best to get me as dirty as possible! Suprisingly, he is an excellent watch dog as well - always alerting me to anyone near the house - a most un-wolf-like behavior.

The Cats...

Keiko, seen here with Luka when she was thin, was born in July, 2001. I found her at a rescue in Flagstaff that has since closed (AARF). She is very affectionate and loveable and loves the dogs, especially Tasha. She and Tasha are best friends, and bedtime always finds Keiko snuggled up with Tasha on my bed. Keiko took over the role of queen cat in the pack after the passing of Bob.

Apollo is seen here with Keiko. He looks just like a marbled Bengal, but with longer fur. He is as affectionate as Keiko, and tends to follow me around like a puppy. He likes the dogs, especially Max and was born in early June, 2002. He also came from AARF and is the top tiger in the pack.

Meet Cassy (short for Cassiopeia), the newest member of the family. She was born in April, 2004 and, like my other cats, came from AARF. She bears a striking resemblance to Apollo, except she has white paws. She steers clear of the Sibes for the most part, but does pretty well with Max. She's a very quiet cat and also follows me around like Apollo. I've been very lucky with cats it seems - Cassy is as affectionate as they come. She is also still fairly young and behaves like a kitten most of the time.